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Poof! The monitors abruptly retired and simultaneously the whole floor was blanketed in darkness. As I surveyed my desk, initial reaction was to try turning the computer back on. The attempt was in vain as the realization of power outage quickly set in. My peers gradually periscoped from their desks seeking validation from others as well. Shortly, we were informed that the whole building has lost power and were not sure on when it would be back up.The sudden and unexpected midday power outage took many by surprise (including myself).SEE DETAILS

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Do you know your CATs? You may be curious if this is an article about our feline friends. Unfortunately, I am referring to a rather humdrum topic of network cables but an essential part of the IT world. It is easy to forget that the backbone and the heart of most data communication still relies on network cables even nowadays with wireless devices. Old-fashion yet reliable network cables still carry the heavy burden of connecting devices across most businesses.For most, who have worked on computers or those who have pluggedSEE DETAILS

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