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MicroPac Data Solutions

MicroPac solutions specialists can evaluate your existing IT infrastructure, show you how to leverage current resources, and make recommendations based on your organization's goals and strategies. MicroPac also ensures your cloud solution services are available on demand and are delivered cost effectively without compromising security or functionality.

High-demand workloads, explosive data growth, and a multitude of diverse devices are some of the trends pushing aging data centers to their limits of performance, availability, and capacity. To help you modernize your data center and gain new business opportunities, MicroPac recommends best-in-class data center technologies. MicroPac can procure, configure, and implement an integrated multi-vendor solution, or we can deploy individual components based on your IT standards. To ensure the latest products are available,  MicroPac has relationships with every significant supplier of hardware and software in every conceivable IT category. Data centers today need to move away from being rigid, static and manually intensive  IT infrastructures into agile infrastructures that combine policy based orchestration and virtualization, to deliver end-to-end automation. That’s where we come in.  


Converged Infrastructure


MicroPac offers converged infrastructures to optimize both modern and legacy workloads. You won't get disparate technologies put together and labeled as "converged." You'll get an integrated solution with components selected and configured to ensure ideal convergence and workload optimization.





With the right platform, you can reduce costs, respond more quickly to business needs, and take on the challenges such as big data and mobility. Virtualization is the single most effective first step to reducing IT expenses while boosting data center efficiency and agility – not just for large enterprises, but for small and midsize businesses too.






Modern servers offer superior levels of processor and storage performance, memory capacity, and increased bandwidth. Beyond their performance features, you'll find that these servers feature technologies that can help you automate IT operations, reduce energy costs, and even support remote management using a smartphone. 



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