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MicroPac Technologies is a certified computer and IT peripheral supplier based in the United States. Utilizing strategic distribution logistics across North America, MicroPac Technologies Government Program offers extensive value and delivery method for government agencies at local and federal levels.

MicroPac Technologies hold its own GSA Schedule and SBA 8(a).  With emphasis on government compliancy and requirements, MicroPac Technologies is able to streamline the government sales process and yet flexible to work with custom tailored requirements.

We offer planning, implementation, and management of the supply chain and procurement processes. MicroPac Technologies is proud to be a supplier under the GSA program and SBA 8(a) as a certified vendor and supplier for the IT industry. Please contact us for more information. 



MicroPac Government Advantages


  Certified Government Contractor (GSA Contract Number GS-35F-0118X)​​
  Small Business Admnistration 8(a)​
  Nationwide, State, local, and Federal Level Services
  RFI/RFQ/RFP Bid Desk and Proposal Support
  Professional IT Services throughout North America
  Complete IT Solutions and Services (Consultin, Planning, Implemenation, Hardware, Software)
  Customer Government Channel Supply Logistics Programs
  Expert Advice, Prompt Custom Quotes, Order Information, Post Sales Support
  Full Government Compliance and Documentations


MicroPac GSA Program


Please Contact Us for catalog and products/services information for government procurement or sales.

GSA Schedule Contract# : (GS-35F-0118X)

You may also check the following websites for MicroPac Technologies GSA product listings:

www.gsaadvantage.gov and www.ebuy.gsa.gov 





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