Zero Trust Needed More Now Than Ever

In this day and age, anything connected to your network is a threat. It’s the reason why Zero Trust Security is catching on.

Just this last week, a massive malware attack affected the Eastern US on the Colonial pipeline when a group of Russian hackers infiltrated their networks.  Gas production came to a screeching halt.

What is Zero Trust?

It is in this context that you may have heard the phrase ‘Zero Trust’ when it comes to cyber security and protecting business assets.

So what is Zero Trust model? Simply put Zero Trust is a model of thought that centers around never trusting any device, application or person regardless if they are attempting to connect from inside or outside the network. This methodology is gaining more and more traction as cloud application usage increases and the permanent shift to remote work is further implemented.

Zero trust is a strategy where everything (People, Data, Sessions, Devices, Applications) regardless if it’s inside or outside the network is treated as suspicious. Essentially it is a ‘default deny’ posture, even for users within the organization. Instead of ‘Trust, but verify’ the organization ‘Never Trusts, Always Verify’. This is not accomplished by one tool but rather policy, procedures and tools. Zero trust also focuses on Least Privilege- a Methodology that states no user should have more rights and permissions than what is needed to perform their work.

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