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Micropac has proudly teamed up with Lantronix ( Global IOT Provider and Leader) to offer reliable, reputable, secure and state of the art IOT devices and solutions for your organization. From IOT Building Blocks, Gateways, Infrastructure Management to IOT Software - Comprehensive IOT integration and solutions are available to all of our customers. 

 In addition to an already variety of fields including Financial, Data Centers, Government, Energy and Security sectors - Micropac IOT solution has extended specialization in the Healthcare and Industrial Automation industries due to growing demand.
Wireless IOT Capabilities
Medical Device Connectivity
Automation Integration
Secured Network
Data Intelligence

Your Industry Focus

As premiere IOT provider, Micropac offers extensive and industry specific IOT solutions.



From Automation to Building industrial needs. Protect Equipment and Staff within Any Industrial Environment



Energy cost saving to full facility management solutions.



Real time data collection to remote patient monitoring applications.


Specific Industry

From Energy, Financial, Security to Government. We can help custom tailor your IOT needs specific to your environment.

IOT Solutions to help Connect Any and All Equipment Easily

Enabling IOT For Healthcare

Micropac offers secure data access and management solutions specific for Healthcare Industries 
Data Collection

Collect and Share Data from one central location to another seamlessly all while protecting patient privacy over secured network. Further enhance collaboration on and off site doctors and specialists while lowering transcript errors.

Remote Monitoring

Network enabled patient monitoring from anywhere in real-time. Ensure continuous monitoring using integrated devices while keeping eye on device health as well for reliability and accuracy.

Wireless Mobility

Enable embedded wired and wireless (802-11b) solutions easily into new equipment designs, or network-enable existing equipment in a matter of minutes. No need for cabling or wires, easily track & locate devices, and enable true mobility.

Wide Applications

Monitoring Devices, Glucose Analyzers, CT Scanning, Ventilators EKGs, X-Ray Equipment, Breathalyzers, Infusion Pumps, External Defibrillators and more.

Welch Allyn Case Study

Welch Allyn’s hospital customers needed a way to securely connect bedside monitoring devices to a central patient information repository

Spectrum CNC Case Study

Help Spectrum CNC Technologies develop a wireless networking solution to more effectively manage industrial equipment.

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