Business Servers

Reliable Performance With Value

Micropac offers extended range of enterprise server solutions
High Performance

Optimized for maximum load capacity for demanding IT environments, we furnish top performing servers with power efficiency that exceeds expectations.


We offer extended and full range of business servers to accommodate various IT environments and needs including Enterprise, Cloud, and Data Storage.


Great enterprise servers is only good as its reliability. With highest selections of top tier business servers, we ensure your servers run as designed with true support, warranty, and reliability.


Using top brands and vendors selective process, all of our servers are geared toward maximum performance and cost-savings while ensuring reliability for our clients

Selective Servers

We understand that at the heart of successful organization are the ever important and work-horse of business servers. Using our unique position, Micropac is able to assist and furnish clients with top brand servers while offering world class service and unmatched pricing.

At Micropac, we have extensive experience with enterprise server projects. Our clients include major start ups to fortune 500 companies. A robust business requires an equally strong IT partner that understands clients infrastructure to accurately match its needs and requirements.

Additionally, we simplify the server procurement process to minimize the complexity of server replacements, upgrades and expansions. Unlike many, we never up sell and We always put the interest of our clients first.


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