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Data Center Storage

Backup | Recovery to Software-Defined Data and Expansion Storage 

With exponential data growth, no need for full server upgrade. seamless additional storage available to integrate with your existing systems.


Long term archiving and large data management needs adequate storage capacity. We offer removable and continuous data storage products.


Custom build your user specific data center environment using affiliated virtual business settings with client specific software deployment hardware.


Multi-use yet simple data storage solution product for general data purpose workload available in wide range of series and budget accordance.

Robust, Reliable

Data Storage

The comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-class HDDs, SSDs, platforms, and systems from the HGST and SanDisk brands enable organizations to make the most of their data. Learn more about fast deployment and selections.


Businesses Not Storing Data

Without the proper data storage, data backup and potential becomes less of value. Making both fast and big data come alive for organizations requires a deep understanding of how data is transforming businesses across various industries. Our longstanding relationships with customers and partners across the spectrum of data give us unique insights into how needs are evolving. We’re driving the innovation across every layer of the infrastructure necessary to stay ahead of new demands. Our breadth of expertise and level of integration give us an unmatched ability to deliver carefully calibrated solutions for every type and use of data.

Enterprise Storage

Micropac's Collaboration With WesternDigital Now Offering The Latest Enterprise Data Storage Drives (HDD and SSD)!
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