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What Makes Us Different 

Integrity |  Transparency  |  Value 

Quality of our service and products are top tier at all levels. Extended and strong connections with major vendors and partners allow us the ability to furnish best of breed products and services to our customers.


Cutting-edge tech has limited visibility as part of its natural maturity process. With special privileged access to emerging technology, we can help businesses with smarter tech prior to general availability.


Our staff retains multiple decades of IT experience, sales, expertise, and development aptitude. From government contracting to commercial procurement, we have an expansive IT capabilities to fit your needs


Customer care and experience are the driving force and key differentiator. We dwell on ensuring first-class customer experience for all of our customers using true dedicated reps and team members.

Experience | Trust | Value

MicroPac Technologies is in a unique position to provide best in breed and top tier quality information technology products to the federal government, state and local agencies, educational sectors, corporate and the reseller communities. As a premier OEM supplier and provider for Fortune 500 companies, our experience and expertise furthers enables efficiency, cost-saving, and deployment.
The company was founded based on a philosophy that trust, integrity and respect are key values in fostering sound business relationships. MicroPac seeks to provide competitive pricing, prompt delivery and outstanding customer service as merely entry points to a sound business relationship.  We are confident that your IT needs will be fulfilled with no compromise. We look forward to helping you.  More importantly, we look forward to building a lasting and reliable business relationship.
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Incorporated in Irvine,CA



GSA, SBA, CMAS Approved Certified



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Micropac Streamline 


Industry Knowledge

Using our extended industry experience along with keen experts and engineers, we assess, recommend, build, and deploy  solutions that is specific to our customers needs.


Customer First

All process begins and ends with customers input. One size does not fit all. Hence, each customer has unique needs and we custom tailor every process to fulfill the requirements.


End To End Solutions

Complex project can be overwhelming and daunting. We simplify the process by dedicating the procurement through us while we handle all the back end process.



Every IT project entails a budget.  As a specialty IT firm, we pass on savings onto our customers. It promotes healthy client relationship and greater mutual growth.

Customer Inquiry

Prompt Quote | PO furnished


Research | Procure | Confirm

Complete Order

Fullfill | Deliver | Deploy

IT Concierge

We continually strive to deliver unparalleled client experience to grow our relationships and to empower our clients to focus on growing their businesses.
MicroPac Technologies provides world-class services for small and large organizations. We furnish pre and post sales support, professional and consultative IT services throughout North America. 
Unlike many, as a dedicated and specialized business IT provider, we continue to offer the best customer service in the industry by conducting personal and custom tailored experience for your projects (large or small). 
Let MicroPac assist you with integrity, transparency, respect and elite customer experience unlike other in the industry. Welcome to Micropac concierge service.

The Micropac Experience

  • Micropac is a professional vendor with great flexibility, and they are always very responsive...Knowing that they put their customers as highest priority makes me feel confident to do business with them.
    Rachael Y. | FireEye, Inc.
  • Micropac has been our go to vendor and have excellent track record for great customer service and they deliver on time, which is important to my organization.
    Tien T. | Palo Alto Networks
  • Micropac is a partner that fulfills our IT needs with reliable products and services. We value its integrity and ability to deliver.
    Joe M. | Walt Disney Co.
  • We've been working with Micropac for several years purchasing IT equipment. Simply great IT partner and looking forward to many more years working together.
    Alex T. | Confie Inc.

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